'Roll of Honour'
In Memoriam Post 1945

"We shall remember them"


During the Second World War over 1600 Apprentices died as a result of combat, accident, illness or as a consequence of incarceration as a POW during the war years.  Their sacrifice is commemorated by a Roll of Honour (ROH) which is reproduced here as a part of the Old Haltonians' Website.

The actual bound book resides as a permanent archive in a glass cabinet in St.George's Church at Halton where it was placed following a dedication ceremony conducted on the 4th November 2008.  However, many Apprentices died in the service of their country following the cessation of World War Two in subsequent conflicts and therefore by definition are not recorded in the book.  This listing commemorates those who after May 1945 made the ulitimate sacrifice.

The ROH is presented here classified by both Alphabetical order and by Entry number.

We shall remember them.

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