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Rop Honnor 96th
Feb 19, 2022
In Civvy/Retirement Experiences
I was a rigger out of Halton and after my 22/24 stint, I went into Product Support for MoD Contracts, including Tristar, Dominie, Meteor (Llanbedr and Martin Baker), and various miscellaneous things like HeavyLift's Belfast, ending up for my last 10 years before retirement as the delegated design authority (DDA) for RAF arrestor systems. Until then I didn't even know there were such systems, suddenly I am the expert. The job involved being responsible for specifying the correct location and alignment of the kit on the runway and also for running the change out program for life-ex RHAGs on stations in UK. This latter task had to be done at weekends while the station was quiet and the kit had to be ready to go Monday morning with no exceptions, making for some tight deadlines if the weather was unkind or the installation was an awkward one. Pre-kit swap out involved a visit to each station to survey the site for any additional work or spot any likely problems that might affect the change-over, such as RHAGs mounted below ground level in pits. In UK Defence Estates was responsible for the foundation and ground works, but over-seas it was a Specialist Team of the Royal Engineers who did this infrastructure work, a great bunch of guys to work with.
Rop Honnor 96th
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