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The museum was formally opened by Viscount Trenchard, grandson of Marshal of the Royal Air Force Lord Trenchard, on 29 June 1999, as part of the station's 80th anniversary celebrations.   The exhibits cover the building of Halton House by Alfred Rothschild in 1883, the 1913 Army and RFC manoeuvres leading to the extensive military use of the estate during the First World War, the RAF takeover in 1918 and the apprenticeship years 1920 - 1993.  

The museum also covers the hospital and the dental school, the Halton railway, the churches and the present training facilities.

Members have been generous in their donations of memorabilia, which are always most welcome.  


The museum opens for recruit passing-out parades and on request to Francis Hanford directly at the museum on 01296 656841.

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Enter through the main door and you are into the foyer.  Before you follow the arrows on the floor take a look to the left and there we will find framed pictures on the wall of Halton House - the Rothschild Mansion - and, on the Sideboard, albums containing photographs from the early days when the Halton estate was given over to the military.

Use the arrows to navigate through the museum. Hovering over the images will give you further information whilst clicking will open the image up in full screen mode.

For a more practical insight to the world of aviation engineering and to share the knowledge and scope of RAF Halton Apprentices' education go to the James McCudden Flight Heritage Centre.

Click here to view the James McCudden Flight Heritage Centre (JMFHC)

Click here to view the Trenchard Museum Website

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