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Ron Powell (123rd) - Author

Ron Powell joined the RAF in Nov 1973 as part of the 123rd Entry and passed out of Halton as an AEngTechA/P in October 1976, going on to serve for 32 years. The story of his career can be read on the Biography page of his website,

Since retirement, he's written two novels, Wings Over Summer, about two young men struggling to survive in the skies over southern England at the height of the Battle of Britain, and Wings Over Malta, set on the tiny Mediterranean island of Malta during 1942, when it was the most heavily bombed place on Earth.

He's also written an illustrated history of the battles in the sky above the British Isles in the summer of 1940, The Battle of Britain, Hitler's First Bloody Nose, and two volumes of memoir. Shropshire Blue: A Shropshire Lad in the RAF. Volume 1, Preparation For Flight, is about growing up in Shropshire and his early days in the RAF, including Halton and working on Vulcans at Scampton; while the second, On The Buffet, follows his difficult journey through RAF pilot training.

All Ron's books are available as ebooks or paperbacks on the various national Amazon websites, and the Wings books are available as audio books. His website also includes short stories, most on aviation themes.

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