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The Halton Tribute to the Apprentice Scheme

The two views shown are the front and reverse faces of 'The Tribute'; a sculpture which is located in front of Kermode Hall, previously known as 'The Schools'.

The text on the front face, left side, reads:

"This sculpture celebrates the Apprentice Scheme started by the Lord Trenchard at No. 1 School of Technical Training. Over 40,000 boys many from Commonwealth and Foreign Air Forces and from the Royal Navy, all affectionately known as "Trenchard's Brats", graduated from Halton between 1922 and 1993".

The right side reads:

"This sculpture represents the brass cube test job undertaken by Apprentices during their training and incorporates the "Wheel Badge", which was worn proudly by generations of Apprentices".

On the reverse side appears the following:

"1922 - 1993", "No. 1 School of Technical Training R.A.F. Halton". "This Tribute was unveiled by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II , 31 October 1997".

The Tribute was designed by David Howells of the 29th Entry and is executed in granite.


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