Brat Art


Halton Apprentices were renown for their inventiveness (think, Sir Frank Whittle [8th] and the jet engine) and the artistic manner in which they applied their talents (think Mike Hines [63rd] Stained Glass Windows, St. Georges Church). These artistic gifts manifested themselves in many ways and forms and the results of their endeavours can be seen here.

Click on the links below to connect with the artists and their works.

(Any ex-Appentice/Brat who has something similar worthy of displaying to the outside world is invited to get in touch!)

Art by Roger Flitter (103rd)

Aviation Art by Clive Brooks (93rd)

'House Building' by Alan Footner (71st)

Sundials by Simon Hazard (62nd)

Woodcarving by Mick Stidever (75th)

Aviation history as depicted by Phil Stevenson (36th)